Sprinkler Installation & Repair in La Vernia, TX

Get the greenest yard on the street with Sprinklers from HD Landscapes

Sprinkler Installation Experts

If you want your outdoor space to stand apart, then a green lawn and flourishing flowers are the best ways to make it happen. With a complete sprinkler system from HD Landscapes, you won’t even need to worry about watering everything by hand – you’ll finally be able to enjoy an outdoor space that takes care of itself!

Fantastic for either transforming a yard that’s fallen foul to the Texas sun or maintaining an outdoor space that already looks amazing, a well-maintained sprinkler system can certainly transform outdoor maintenance moving forward. Our extensive expertise means that we can install precisely the sprinklers that you need for optimal coverage across both commercial and residential locations. So, let’s talk about what sprinklers could do for you!

Home lawn with newly installed sprinkles

Spruce up Your Yard with Sprinklers

While most commonly associated with large outdoor spaces, sprinkler installation can simplify the ongoing care of both small and large outdoor areas. Our tailor-made, customized setups are designed to suit whatever space you happen to be working with, and will bring a wide range of benefits to your lawn care and landscaping in general, including – 


  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Fantastically green gardens
  • Ongoing care when you’re away with wifi controllers
  • A healthier lawn in general
  • And more

We especially pride ourselves in affordable sprinkler solutions, delivered in the shortest time frame possible so that you can finally sit back and start enjoying a yard that you don’t have to break your back for!

Home lawn with newly installed sprinkles

Always-ready Repairs

Once you get used to the ease that your sprinkler system provides, you’ll never want to look book. Unfortunately, sprinkler systems can fall foul to their share of setbacks, and it isn’t always easy to see why.


That’s why we’re also proud to offer convenient and always-ready sprinkler repairs that mean your lawn never goes thirsty for long. With the Texas heat threatening unwatered green grass across all of La Vernia, we’ll especially work to get to you quickly, and will always carry repair parts and high-quality diagnostics equipment for in-the-moment solutions. That way, you’ll be far better able to ensure the ongoing performance of sprinklers that make you the envy of the street.

Start Enjoying a Greener Yard Today

Your outdoor space deserves proper care, and you deserve a lawn you can feel proud of. Sprinkler systems make both of those things possible, and the customized sprinkler solutions that we offer here at HD Landscapes are sure to see your outdoors flourishing. 


Our over 20 years of experience in sprinkler installations, our crews extensive understanding of sprinkler repairs as you need them means that you certainly won’t regret getting in touch to discuss your options for either a commercial or residential outdoor space. In fact, as soon as we know what you need, we’ll get to work bringing it to reality with benefits that include –


  • Free estimates
  • High-quality equipment
  • Extensive expertise
  • Fantastic customer service
  • And more

Simply get in touch today to find out how our fantastic sprinklers could transform your lawns for good.