San Antonio Outdoor Landscape Lighting

At HD Landscapes, we possess the industry expertise and creative flair to literally and figuratively light up your life and lawn. Our team will design a lighting plan that enhances your outdoor space, making it a stunning, functional, and inviting place at all hours. Whether it’s highlighting a well-manicured lawn or creating a charming evening ambiance, we tailor our solutions to your unique needs and vision. Light up your outdoor experience with HD Landscapes.

Trust The Landscape Lighting Experts

We all know that outdoor lighting can dramatically transform our outside spaces, creating a magical ambiance once the sun goes down. However, a few DIY lights bordering your garden path can’t compete with the comprehensive, professional light installation offered by our seasoned team at HD Landscapes. Our solutions are meticulously designed and installed, ensuring a stunning illumination that enhances your property’s functionality, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.


Say goodbye to settling for a few dim solar lights. At HD Landscapes, our customizable outdoor lighting solutions are meticulously developed with landscaping expertise and meticulous attention to detail. We consider every aspect of your outdoor space, from aesthetic appeal to functionality. Whether you’re seeking increased security, an enchanting illumination for your garden, or a vibrant, well-lit area to host night-time get-togethers, we’ve got you covered. Our team is committed to delivering a lighting solution that perfectly matches your vision and elevates the beauty and safety of your property. Trust HD Landscapes to make your dreams come true.

How HD Landscapes can Light up Your Lawn

Through the use of low-voltage LEDs, we provide the precise outdoor lighting applications that you require, always with the benefit of an astronomical controller that allows you to set on and off times to reflect changing sunrise and sunsets once and never again have to worry. This is fantastic news for peace of mind and an outdoor space that looks its best even when you aren’t around, and it’s a reassurance that we honor through the use of top-of-the-range equipment, and an extensive landscape lighting skill set. 


Our focus on providing the perfect results especially means that we’ll work closely with you to ensure whichever lightning arrangement you have in mind, while always suggesting areas that we think could benefit from the addition of our outdoor lighting, including – 


  • Tree trunks
  • Canopies
  • House fascias
  • Walkways
  • And more

We even provide downlighting that can add a much-needed sensuous vibe to enhance curb appeal. Night-time get-togethers and your walk home after a night on the tiles will certainly never look better than if you let HD Landscapes get your lighting just right. 

Let Your Outdoor Lighting do the Talking

Outdoor lighting provides a fantastic way to spread a clear and resounding message that your outdoor space in San Antonio is worth looking at. The ability to automatically adjust your HD Landscapes lighting to suit the time of year especially helps to draw the attention that your landscapes deserve no matter what. 


Whether you’re hosting a Texas barbecue on a summer evening or are trying to bring a little brightness to those dark winter evenings, San Antonio lighting from HD Landscapes will always be the solution that you need for a Texas property that’s well worth coming home to.

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Get Outdoor Lighting in San Antonio

Famed for hot weather and fantastic barbecues, Texas is the ideal setting for an outdoor lighting installation that’s guaranteed to get good use. You certainly won’t regret letting HD Landscapes look after your outdoor lighting for you.


With the benefit of free estimates and customized development that you can trust, our low voltage, automated outdoor lighting setups provide the solutions you need for a brighter, safer domestic or commercial property across San Antonio. You’ll certainly be the talk of Texas if you take the time to get in touch to discuss your lighting options with us at last.

Hear What Our Customers Say About Our Landscape Lighting

Amazing group of guys. They did a great job on my yard, sprinkler system and lighting. Highly recommend.
Derek Snoga
HD Landscapes has been tending our large yard for years now. After experiencing several NOT so great landscape services we're thrilled with Hobart and HD Landscapes. We are are always happy with the results, the prices are surprisingly reasonable and Hobart is excellent with communication. Honestly we feel blessed to have found HD Landscapes and you couldn't get us to switch.
Penny Cashera
The work that Hobart and the crew at HDLandscapes have done over the past year has completely transformed my lawn. The services and prices are very reasonable, and I’m impressed with the results of their hard work.
George W.