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Transforming Your Texas LandscapE

Boost the allure and worth of your property with our expert landscaping services. As a seasoned landscape company in South Texas, HD Landscapes crafts beautiful outdoor spaces, perfectly melding your distinct requirements and tastes with the regional character. We understand the climate and flora of Floresville Texas, ensuring your landscaping not only radiates beauty but also thrives in the local environment, further enhancing your property’s value.

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Breathe New Life into Your South Texas Landscape

Struggling with an outdated or lackluster outdoor space? It’s time to rejuvenate it. Don’t let an unappealing landscape diminish your property’s charm and worth. At HD Landscapes, we breathe new life into your outdoor areas, transforming them into lively, purposeful retreats. Drawing on local flora and the unique beauty of South Texas, we design spaces that resonate with your style and aspirations. Our team of experts diligently works with you from the initial design phase to final installation, ensuring every element of your vision is meticulously realized, enhancing property value.

Expert LandscapING Design

Our skilled designers create personalized, innovative landscape plans that complement your lifestyle.

Quality Installation & Landscape Maintenance

Our experienced team ensures top-notch installation and maintenance to keep your landscape looking its best.

South Texas Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on our customer service, ensuring your complete satisfaction with every project.

Don't Wait, Elevate Your South TX Landscape Today

Initiate your journey towards a magnificent outdoor space by partnering with HD Landscapes. Our expertise lies in transforming South Texas properties into stunning, functional retreats that seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment. From cultivating lush lawns and vibrant flower beds to installing serene water features and picturesque walkways, every element of our landscaping designs contribute to the creation of your personal Texas oasis. With a keen eye for detail, we ensure that your property not only blossoms with natural beauty but also provides practical utility, promoting a harmonious outdoor lifestyle. Trust HD Landscapes to make your dream outdoor space a living reality.

Our Landscaping Services in Floresville Texas

At HD Landscapes, we are more than just a landscaping company; we are partners in enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. We provide a comprehensive range of landscape services, from lawn care and maintenance to innovative garden design and installation of hardscape elements. We take pride in offering our services to both residential and commercial clients in Floresville and nearby regions. With a deep understanding of the local climate and flora, we create stunning, resilient landscapes that not only uplift your property’s charm but also serve as an ecologically balanced sanctuary. We are committed to delivering high-quality landscaping solutions.

Landscape Design

Creative, personalized designs tailored to your preferences.

Installation & Maintenance

Top-quality installation and ongoing care for your landscape.

Outdoor Lighting

Enhance the beauty and safety of your property with custom lighting.

Irrigation Systems

Efficient, reliable watering solutions for a healthy, vibrant landscape.


Adding functionality and aesthetic appeal with hardscape elements.


Comprehensive commercial landscaping for businesses & HOAs.

Trusted by Floresville TX Residents

“Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness
Loved HD and their services. We used them for our sprinkler install and continually for regular maintenance on our yard. They are always professional and answer all of my questions! Definitely recommend for all of your landscaping needs.”

-Sabrina Brown

“Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

HD Landscapes has been tending our large yard for years now. After experiencing several NOT so great landscape services we’re thrilled with Hobart and HD Landscapes. We are are always happy with the results, the prices are surprisingly reasonable and Hobart is excellent with communication. Honestly we feel blessed to have found HD Landscapes and you couldn’t get us to switch.”

-Penny Caschera